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Family and Friends Special Edition Grade 1 Intensive ProgramStarter Unit

Starter Unit
Alphabet practice
Identifying letters in the alphabet: lowercase, upper-case, and order
Resources and materials
Expansion Portfolio pp. 2–5
Phonics cards from Aa to Zz
Colored pencils or crayons
Worksheet 1: Unscramble the letters (Before class, cut the letters out – one set for every pair of children)
Alphabet song on Oxford Parents (
Weather report: Ask the class about today's weather.
Song: Play a warm-up song.
Display the Phonics cards around the room. Sing the alphabet song with students. Children can follow along, pointing
to each letter as they hear it.
Encourage the children to sing with you.
Sing the song together as many times as you wish, first slowly and then more quickly.
Hand out the Phonics cards. Say or sing the alphabet together with the class. As each child hears the letter on her
card, she holds up the card. Repeat with different children holding cards.
1 Look at the alphabet.
Hold up the page and point to the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, etc.
Point out to children that the first letter in each pair is uppercase, and the second letter in the pair is lowercase.
Have children follow along and point to each letter as you say the alphabet with the class.
Stand up, sit down
Hold up the Phonics cards one at a time, starting with Aa. Point out the uppercase and lowercase letters again.
As you hold up each card, read the letter twice, once for the uppercase letter and once for the lowercase letter as you
point to each one, for example, A - a, B - b, C - c.
Have children stand up tall on their toes or jump when they hear the first (uppercase) letter, and then sit or crouch
down low when they hear the second (lowercase) letter.
Order the letters
Hand out the Phonics cards to 26 different students. Read each letter, one at a time, as you hand out the cards. Point
out to children that the alphabet is always read in the same order.
Call out the letter A. The child holding the Aa card comes to the front (or turns around at her desk to face the rest of
the class).
Continue with the remaining letters. Be sure that as children come to the front, they stand in the correct alphabetical
Starting with A, have the children hold up their cards and read their letters, as you go through the alphabet in order.
Repeat with different children holding cards.
2 Connect the letters Aa–Zz. Who’s blowing the bubbles?
Hold up the page and point to the picture of the girl and boy blowing bubbles. Ask children what else they see in the
picture (letters a–z).
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